Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We found out just a little over two weeks ago that we are having a girl. Here is the aftermath of that far.

Things could get ugly around here. I may need an intervention before she even arrives.



  1. that's how we were with Sonyea. Most were given to us from the showers. Be sure to buy larger sizes. We had so much for the newborn/0-3 sizes that a lot she hardly wore and some that she never wore. I remember freakin' out when she hit the 6 month size because we had nothing! ~Rhonda

  2. im telling you as someone with TWO girls and who no doubt knows that interventions DO NOT WORK! its only going to get worse. You can't walk into hardly ANY retail stores without being able to find SOMETHING cute for a little girl - wether it be clothes, shoes or my fave, BOWS!
    - Kindra

  3. welcome to the world of having girls!!! it won't get any better!!

  4. I can't believe that this is happening.

  5. Wow wow wow! Look at all the stuff for the little lady!!