Friday, August 14, 2009

Bump it Up

There is an in between stage in pregnancy that makes most moms-to-be beg for their looming baby bump to pop out. It's a time in which when people can't exactly tell if you're pregnant, or if you've just been eating too many cheeseburgers lately. I have been in this stage for what seems like about 6 weeks now. My belly is starting to show, but not enough for folks to be sure that there is a baby in there. I think at this point it's more likely that people look at me and think, "Whoa, she must not be going to the gym anymore." I keep waiting to wake up one day, look down and it be obvious that I'm sharing my space with another human. Until then, I'll just have to settle for this almost baby belly. Remind me of this post in about 4 months when the little sucker has his elbow sticking in my ribs, and you can see his hand trying to claw out of my belly.

17 week baby bump

Happy Friday,

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  1. Wonder if your just gonna pop out all at once like the thing you stick in a turkey! haha Honestly, you still barely look pregnant.