Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Will and I went shopping this past weekend, and I told him that if he was very good while in Target, he could pick out a $5 toy. He was excellent. He didn't get out of the cart once, played quietly with his monster truck he brought along, and no whining the entire time. (Shocking, I know!)

So, just as I promised, we ventured over to the toy section for him to pick a reward. We looked at Buzz Lightyear stuff, water guns, bubbles, balls and super heroes. We spent a solid 15 minutes scanning the aisles as he looked for that perfect toy. As we rounded one of the aisles, he looked on the end cap and saw it. His mind was made up immediately. This is what he wanted.

I reminded him of the other things that we looked at, and asked if he was sure this is the toy that he wants. (Not because I wanted to change his mind. I just wanted to be sure he knew he wouldn't be getting any of the other toys that moments earlier, he was freaking out over.) "Yes, I want Cinderella. She's pretty." So, that's what we bought. Will has gotten several funny looks since then. Even the cashier in Target did a double take to make sure that he wasn't a girl, and then commented, "A Barbie? Okay, then," like it was the most bizarre thing she'd ever seen. Call me crazy, but I just don't buy into this whole, "these toys are for girls/these are for boys" idea where everything is so gender specific. I'm not going to limit my kids on what toys they can play with because of this crazy notion that there are girl-only toys or boy-only toys. I bought Will the Barbie because that is what he wanted. And if Avery asked for a GI Joe or a race car, I'd buy her one without hesitation. Believe me, she already chews on her fair share of trucks since she just so happens to live with an older brother.

Will is really proud of his Cinderella, and has been sleeping with her at night and taking her to his friends' houses. He does however also crash her into his cars and knock things over with her head. I give Cinderella about 2 weeks before she loses an extremity.

Wednesday's Wish List coming this afternoon...



  1. That is so awesome! I used to drive my Barbie around in a toy NAPA truck. My Grandma hated it! I like that Will picked Cinderella bc she's pretty. He loves the ladies that kid!

  2. that's awesome. Sonyea wants to play too. Her idea of playing with her Disney Barbies is to take their clothes off and go swimming and then put there's clothes back on. Repeat about 30 times. Oh and did I mention she can't put the clothes back on herself yet? =)

  3. Too sweet! We'll have to meet up so Will can bring his Cinderella and Gavin will bring his Daisy Duck :). The funny thing about Daisy is when Gavin chose her at the Disney store his little friend Anna chose a Handy Manny tool set. :) I've had to wash Daisy several times b/c he has dragged her (literally!) with us to so many places. Love it!