Friday, July 2, 2010

Wish List and Apology

I'm a bad blogger. I've really been slacking on updating,, no excuses. I should be updating here more often. There are things happening that I need to write about, so you'll be hearing more from me next week. In the meantime, I'm going to do a wish list since I didn't post one on Wednesday. I'm also going to post Friday's Photo later this afternoon. I'm really on a roll today.

This wish list is very colorful and happy. I chose these things because it's beautiful outside, and when the day is this pretty and vibrant, I gravitate towards bold colors. You'll never catch me in a bright colored shirt on a rainy day. True story. I just can't do it. More proof that I'm a certifiable weirdo.

So here we go.

I love this magazine lampshade from 1oakfinds. When I was younger and living alone, I actually made collages from magazines and newspaper. I never showed them to anyone, but it was a sort of therapy for me clipping and arranging and pasting all my different little finds. This lamp reminds me of that time in my life.

I am drawn to this Rainbow Umbrella photo because of the sharp contrast in it. Everything around the umbrella is so dark and dreary, yet the umbrella is so bright and striking. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I really enjoy this photo. It has a sort of mystery about it.

One day, I'm going to win the lottery and build a little cottage in the woods where I can take Avery and all the women in my life to have tea and eat crumpets. (Note: I don't know what a crumpet actually is, but doesn't it sound good??) The cottage's purpose would be solely for girl time and frilly girl things. No boys allowed. I can't have them getting my beautiful white space all messy. When I get my cottage built, I'm going to put decor like this 12 Volume Set of The Book House inside. I love this set of books from DJandPvintage so much, that I might actually just decorate everything around them.

I'm coming back down to Earth now, and going with a more practical item that I really do wish I had now. First let me preface by saying, I have an almost 6 month old who is very fascinated with everything that is going on around her. I love to watch her little eyes scan the room, and take it all in. Since she's become so curious however, she likes to look around while she's nursing. If someone walks into the room and says something, she turns her head to look for them. If she hears the TV click on, she turns her head to see where the noise is coming from. If she sees any ol' thing out of the corner of her eye, she turns her head to check it out. Did I mention that each time she turns her head, she never breaks her latch and continues to hold on to my nipple?? So, yeah, for the sake of my boobs, I need this Mommy's Rainbow Nursing Necklace to give this child something colorful to play with while she's eating. Isn't it pretty?

And last by not least, have I told you how much more fun it is to dress a girl than a boy? If not, this Rainbow Lollipop Tutu should give you an inclination as to why. Enough said.

Until this afternoon,

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  1. I have had crumpets and they are definitely worth trekking out to an imaginary (but could be real someday) cottage to eat with lady friends. I'll bring the butter.
    Also, I make collages. I like to make them into cards for people. It's truly therapy for the soul.
    Happy 4th to the Milners!