Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekly Wish List

Don't you love how I just up and changed the name of my wish list? Thing is, I can't commit to doing it on a certain day each week. You would think a person as organized and anal as I am could make it happen, but I seem to be failing miserably. On Wednesdays I work from 8 to 5 rather than 9 to 6, and I swear it feels like I have less hours in the day. Of course, in reality, that's not the case, but my crazy brain tells me that it is. So I've titled this week's wish list "Weekly" because, uh, it's not Wednesday. (I'm a real brainiac.) (I just had to spell check the word "brainiac".) Anyway, I'm doing a wish list and here it is.

P.S. Can you tell I've had a lot of sugar today and that I never drink sugar? I made punch for a party at work and drank approximately half the punch bowl by myself. One minute I feel like running around the building and the next I fear I might start snoring at my desk. I'm a hot mess right now.

Anyway, on with the wish list.

P.S.S. Today's list has no theme. It's full of random stuff. I just can't get my brain to slow down and cooperate long enough to put together a theme.
::: shakes fist at sugar :::

P.S.S.S. I'm really wearing myself out.

Remember last week when I talked about the cottage in the woods with the white decor and crumpets? Here is something else that I'll string in our "girl hut." This Shakespearean paper garland of hearts makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It's so delicate and romantic. I love Shakespeare. I love this garland. The end.

I need this Je T'aime pillow for my bedroom. (Ahem, cough, cough, hint Rob, cough) It is the color of my sheets, and would look divine with my fluffy white down comforter. I adore everything about this pillow, and for that matter, all the other handmade goodies in HoneyPieDesign's shop. Gorgeous stuff!

Have I ever told you that I love bath bombs? I used to have a pretty serious addiction to the ones from Lush. Then I got married, had kids and had to stop spending all my money on myself. Funny how that works out. Every now and then, however, I think every woman should indulge themselves, and there's no better way than a nice hot bath with a bath bomb. (Note: Wait till after your toddler goes to bed so that you won't spend the entire time answering, "No, I'm not done yet." "Nope, don't need any help in here, Will." "Just taking a bath right now, bud." "I'll be out in a minute.") My favorites are the Big Blue and the Sex Bomb, but they are all amazing. Their bubble bars are great too!

If you read this blog much, or know me at all, you probably realize how passionate I am about breastfeeding. I'm not going to rehash the many benefits of breastfeeding now, but basically, it rocks on so many levels. I think this Peace, Love & Breastfeeding tank is super cute, and would love to have it to show my support of nursing moms.

I had a hard time deciding which bag in bayanhippo's shop was my favorite. Seriously, I would carry all of them. But I'm particularly fond of this Abanoz in apple green. It's big enough to hold all of my junk and the color is bright and lively. One of these days, I'll retire my old bag, and this shop is where I'll buy my next one.

Off to take a nap. Or maybe run laps. Decisions...

Till next time,


  1. I think I just died seeing that green bag! I would just hang it on the wall : )

    Loved the Shakespeare hearts too.

  2. Um, you are hilarious today. When I have too much sugar, my friends say that I am in "gremlin mode" -- it's a fairly accurate description. I love this post. I love you. The end.