Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creature of Habit

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a very organized (ahem, anal) person. I like having a plan. Writing lists gives me a bit of a rush. I'm not one to deviate from the itinerary. When there is a wrinkle in the program, my eye starts to twitch. This quality drives my husband nuts, because instead of having relaxing Saturdays where we just frolick about from one activity to the next, I panic and ask questions like, "Well, what time EXACTLY do you think we'll eat?" or "When we get there, will we go to the fruit market first or to look at the flowers first? I NEED TO KNOW!" This results in Rob looking at me like I have three eyes and saying calmly, "Honey, I don't know, you decide." He's learned a lot since we've been together.

So, when I say that not getting to write a Wednesday Wish List yesterday bugs me, I mean, it physically pains me to the point where I may need treatment. It all started Tuesday. A friend of mine gave me an energy/dietary supplement/vitamin drink. I don't drink anything other than water and the occasional glass of wine. I never drink caffeine as it turns me into a shaky, jittery mess. So, my stomach was not equipped to handle this blend of berries and vitamins. It didn't have caffeine in it, but some other substance that made me equally as shaky and jittery as caffeine does. I suffered through the morning and figured it would wear off eventually. By lunch, I was actually feeling some better and had decided that I needed Mexican food. It was Cinco de Mayo and there was so much chatter on Facebook, Twitter and even CNN about it, I was convinced I must have a taco or I would die. I ate chips and salsa, a chicken burrito and a beef taco. It was all I had hoped for and more. I was one happy camper....Until I got back to work. My stomach was churning and burning and cursing me like never before. The jumpy, yucky feeling I had earlier from the trendy vitamin infused berry drink was back with a vengance. I must have looked as though I was going to die, because one of the managers here told me to go lay down on the couch in the conference room. I did, but the overwhelming urge to puke just wouldn't go away. I finally rushed to the bathroom and lost it all, the stupid berry drink and my beloved Mexican food. It wasn't pretty and I don't recommend combining those two things. EVER.

Since I went home early on Tuesday and lounged around on the couch all weak and pueny for the rest of the night, I didn't get to do the research (i.e. waste time surfing the net for cool stuff) in order to put together the list for yesterday. I promise next week will be better. I have sworn to never drink another of those silly energy drinks. I'm just not hip enough to handle Acai berry apparently.



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