Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

Here we are again. Another Wednesday, and I haven't keeled over from exhaustion. I even stayed up until 10:40 last night. I really amaze myself sometimes.

But enough about me. Here is the wish list for the week. It's a bunch of random stuff, because well, I'm feeling pretty random these days. Enjoy!

If I lived alone, I would have a cutesy, girly house with these Glass Sprung Turning Knobs on every door. Don't they just make you feel pretty?

I'm in love with these Moroccan Leather Pouffes. They are so hip and colorful. I'd love to have the blue one. And the pink one. And the brown one. Oh whatever, I'll just take one of each.

This wool felt butterfly lamp pendant is perhaps the sweetest lamp I've ever seen. I need a baby girl so I can hang this in her nursery. I should probably consult with Rob on this problem.

Here's something else to go in the girly house. Or the girly nursery. I'm not a chandelier kind of girl, but this Vintage Flower Chandelier could convert me into a believer.

Last but not least are these incredible Spiragoya Vases. They are so dainty and graceful. Love!

Till next time....

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