Friday, November 6, 2009


Last weekend was Halloween, and Will has reached the age where he was actually excited and anxious about it. It probably helped that we had been jazzing him all week about going trick or treating. Come Saturday, he was ready to bust. He wanted to be a race car driver this year, because well, the kid loves race cars. He dreams about racing, and will inform me in the morning, "I beat you, Mommy," after he awakes from his race car dreams in which he always emerges the winner. When he grows up he wants to "go real fast," so naturally we couldn't deny the kid his race car costume.

He really thought he was something in it too. He wouldn't smile when Rob took his picture, because this is no joking matter.

The Fast and the Serious

Once or twice, he couldn't help it and cracked a grin though. After all, he was about to go get a butt load of candy from a bunch of complete strangers. Who wouldn't be happy about that?

When the time finally arrived, he and Ripley ran from house to house like they had been training for this since birth. They stuck their little buckets out, exclaimed TRICK OR TREAT, and got so much candy, they could hardly carry it by the end of the night. When got home, Will dumped his bucket and I finally understood the meaning of the saying, "Like a kid in a candy store."

Bedtime that night was.....interesting.

Happy weekend,

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