Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twenty Nine Weeks

29 weeks. So close, yet so far away. I've been concentrating on doing my Hypnobabies home study course so that I can have a natural VBAC this time around. I really love the program. If it doesn't do anything else for me, it is making me more positive and confident throughout this pregnancy. I listen to my scripts every night and though I was a cynic at first, I'm a believer now after seeing how quickly I can put myself into hypnosis. I just have to keep trusting that it is going to work for me come Avery's birthday. I'm becoming more and more assured that it will.

And here is the email for week 29...

How Your Baby is Growing:
Your baby now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds (like a butternut squash) and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. His muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is growing bigger to make room for his developing brain. To meet his increasing nutritional demands, you'll need plenty of protein, vitamins C, folic acid, and iron. And because his bones are soaking up lots of calcium, be sure to drink your milk (or find another good source of calcium, such as cheese, yogurt, or enriched orange juice). This trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in your baby's hardening skeleton each day.

That squash looks huge next to the quarter, right? I can't believe that she's almost 3 pounds in there now. Then she rolls over, kicks me in the ribs and tries to poke a body part out of my belly button and I'm all, OH YEAH, I can believe it!

Halloween stories and pics coming in the next couple of days. Hang on to your hats.



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