Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas 2009

After a brief set back with our memory card, I finally got all of our Christmas photos uploaded. Then I looked through them all and realized, "Hey, not too many good pictures from Christmas this year." This is good and bad, I guess. Bad because, not too many good pictures from Christmas this year. Good because, well, we were having too much fun together and enjoying our time with each other to take good pictures. Here are a some that I managed to round up though. Enjoy!

Making Christmas cookies at GrandMomma and GrandDaddy's

There was A LOT of gift opening involved

Christmas Morning...more gifts

And let's not forget about the stocking. Because if you ask Will what he got for Christmas, out of all those expensive presents, the thing he remembers most is "CANDY CANES!!"

Discovering the fish tank that Daddy got him, nicely hid away in Mommy's messy closet

One of his favorite gifts, a real train! Thanks, Grandma!

And, of course, the good ol' clothes handoff. Every kid does it. Rip into present, see clothes, throw them in Mommy's direction.

Hope your Christmas was as memorable as ours was!


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