Friday, June 19, 2009


Before I even became pregnant with this child, I knew I wanted to do VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) or at least attempt to deliver vaginally. My c-section wasn't a great or easy experience for me to say the least. My recovery was long and painful. I had fluid build around my incision that had to be drawn out with a big scary needle. I had the worst gas of my life. And I know that might not sound too terrible, but this gas was akin to contractions. I cried and cried the night after my c-section, because my stomach hurt so badly. It was insane how much it hurt.

In addition to the physical recovery of a c-section, there was also a larger financial recovery. Having a c-section costs about 40% more than a vaginal delivery and we paid those bills for a long time. The other thing that always bothered me about Will's birth was the fluid that was in his little lungs after being born by cescerean. As you can read in this article, it's much more likely for babies who are born by section to have respitory problems after the delivery.

So, because of all of these factors and after careful consideration, I decided that VBAC would be something I would like to do. I have been reading, however, that many hospitals and OBs flat out refuse to attempt them. This was puzzling to me since all the research seems to indicate that the risk for repeat c-section is higher. I phoned my OBs office today only to discover that they fit into this "no VBAC" category. This upsets me and makes me a little angry honestly. I could understand if my Dr. looked at me and said, "Leslie, based upon your circumstances, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing a VBAC for these reasons." But to just say, "We don't care what your situation is, we're not even going to try and let you deliver vaginally" makes me crazy mad. Why? Can someone give me a reason? This is what I will be asking my Dr at the next visit. Because now I am faced with an impossible decision, either stay with the Dr. who I have been with since I was 18 years old and who delivered my last child and let him cut me open and remove my baby simply because it's his policy, or find someone else. If he won't do it, this is important enough to me to find someone who will. I am not going to put my body and my child through a potential risk just because an OB is not even willing to let me try to deliver the natural way. I mean, am I crazy here? How on earth did it come to this? With evidence and research out there screaming that repeat c-sections are much more of a risk to mothers and their babies, do we really have OBs out there unwilling to do VBACs?? I'm honestly baffled by this. If you know something I don't, please share.



  1. My first child was also born c-section, though I did not encounter the problems you had recovering, I also dread the thought of another section for our next child....which we will be trying for shortly.

    Luckily, my doctor will perform vbac's and allow my to try but only with a scheduled induction and I will have to labor in the operating room- hospital's policy in case of uterine rupture.

    What upsets me is the induction.....If there's a chance of uterine rupture to begin with why would induction be a good thing? Doesn't pitocin cause stronger and more severe contractions which adds undue stress to the uterus?

    I really, really like my doctor but I (with disapointment) believe that our hospitals has made labor and delivery too much a business and have forsaken the true wishes of mothers in labor.

    I'm curious to know how you're conversation goes with your doctor.

  2. I do know there are doctors who don't support v-delivery after csection...I had a friend who changed doctors for that reason. If you go that route, you can find lots of support (like me:)
    and there are amazing books about this issue. The stats on uterine rupture are LOW. That is not a valid reason to do csection. For me, instead of induction, the midwife used breast pumps on my breasts for half hour, and this stimulated labor.

  3. That is really tough, Leslie. I do hope you find away to go the VBAC route. I have heard so many friends who have had c-sections say the same things about their doctors, and many have switched because of it.

  4. Anon...don't even get me started on the Pitocin issue. It had a strong hand in why I ended up with a section the first time. It saddens me that we seem to be moving farther away from what the mother wants in these cases. I'll update my blog after I speak to my Dr.

    Maggie...thanks so much for your response. I have been reading how low the chances are for uterine rupture (less than 1%) which is why I don't understand doctors and hospitals who are unwilling to allow VBACs.

    Thanks Lindsey...I hate to change Drs, but this is that important to me. We'll see what happens...

  5. I too was induced by a midwife though it was tummy massage that finally put me into labor. Thank God for knowledgeable women (and men I'm sure) who learn to read pregnant bodies and help mom's experience birth naturally! My first child was in the hospital the next three have been with midwives and I have to say, if you can, CHANGE Dr's! You recover SO much better from natural birth than not. Of course if you are unable to in the end you should hold and love that little baby and never look back! :)
    (saw your commment at PW and no I'm not opinionated LOL!)
    Jessie at Blog Schmog