Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

Guess what? Today is Wednesday. And I know that today is Wednesday. I know what day of the week it is! Score! I like to celebrate even the smallest victories.

Today's wish list is full of beautiful decorative pillows. I adore throw pillows, but I look at these, picture smeared Cheetos and dribbled juice all over them, and I decide maybe I should wait until my children are old enough to fully understand threats before I go buying a bunch of these beauties. So, basically if you don't have kids or your kids are old enough to grasp statements like, "If you even think about getting close to that pillow with you're grubby little hands...." you should totally buy these and I'll just have to live with major pillow envy.

This love bird pillow from Le Souk is delicate and kind of creepy at the same time. Maybe this feeling stems from me being a bit frightened of birds in the first place, but does it look to you like the two birds in the middle are the actual "love birds" and the surrounding birds are just staring at them in jealousy? Like there is some love bird drama going on here possibly? Like maybe the other birds want to pounce the two love birds in a fit of rage? No? Yeah, then I'm just a real freak about birds. None the less, I still love this pillow and all it's bird weirdness. I love the color and felt detail on this symmetry pillow from Horne. Not only do I love the materials of this pillow and imagine it being very soft and comfy, it also doesn't have any frightening flying animals on it, which is always a plus.

Okay, now this linen turtle pillow features a sweet little animal that doesn't scare me. I love, love, love turtles. They are so deliberate and careful. This pillow is modern and crisp. It doesn't exactly match anything in my house, but I could totally just buy this pillow and decorate around it.

This silk tree bomb pillow at Huset is delicate and dainty. You have to keep the chocolate milk far away from this one, folks. Because, despite what Billy Mays says, OxiClean does not remove everything. It's one of life's major injustices.
And as always, rounding out the list, is an Etsy find from Laura Davis' shop. This dainty pillow is made from vintage bed sheets and it's hand embroidered. What's not to love? The saying is what really got me though, "If you lived here, you'd be home now." This quote is used in one of my all time favorite movies, Girl Interrupted and I immediately thought of crazy Daisy Randone and her "eat in chicken" when I saw it. I'm very drawn to this pillow for that reason. I might have to buy it and just hide it from Will and his sticky fingers.

Until tomorrow....which is Thursday by the way!



  1. ok...super scary bird pillow. I felt like they were all staring at me and they didn't even have eyes. The last pillow is the sweetest thing! I love Daisy in all her craziness. you know I love the turtle pillow. you could just build a room and call it "the turtle pillow room" Good Wed wish list! High five.

  2. I saw your comment over at decor8 and thought I'd pop over and check out your blog! I love these pillows too! The first one with the birds on the wire is my absolute favorite and on my wish list too!
    Best wishes from Morocco!
    Tina (aka Travelingmama)