Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

I can't believe it's Wednesday. This week has been so long, I could swear it's Sunday and time to get ready for church. I had a terrible day on Monday and ended up going to my OB, because I felt so sick. Erring on the side of caution, he gave me another ultrasound and I was able to see the little bean hanging out in there, heart just a' fluttering. It was as amazing the second time as it was the first and Rob was with me at this visit, so it was extra special since he got to share it with me. I was riding high after that appointment, and then I got put back in my place last night with a terrible head cold. I've lost count as to how many times I've blown my nose today, but I can tell you this, if nose blowing could kill someone, I would be out tombstone shopping right now. Since, to my knowledge, you can't die of a runny nose, I sucked it up and went online shopping for the Wednesday Wish List instead. I have to say, it was a lot more fun than picking out a tombstone.

The list today consists of vases. It's summer time and there are a plethora of beautiful flowers out there waiting to be assembled in beautiful vases. Here are some of my faves.

These Cameron Silhouette Face vases are modern and fun. Maybe a bit on the freaky side too, but I still like em. Is it just me, or do they look like they might attack each other? Or maybe make out? Are they in love? Do they know each other? These are the things you consider when your body is flooded with hormones and being pregnant takes over your sensibilities. It's known as preggo brain. Don't laugh. It can happen to you.

These Porcelain Hay vases by Anne Black are handmade, which means each one is unique. I love that the design on each vase is made from a silkscreen print. That's talent. I would love to see this designer in action.

This black and white floral vase from LAMA is so simple, but I think that's the beauty of it. It's got a hip and funky quality to it as well. I just love it. Don't stare at it too long though. It kind of starts to become an optical illusion. Or maybe, I've just taken too much Claritin.

How sweet and delicate is this Little Birdie...All Alone vase?? Red Hot Pottery's Etsy shop has many beautiful designs, so it was hard to pick just one. Vases this pretty don't even need flowers.

Last but not least, is this long wall vase in turquoise. Not only do I adore turquoise, but I like the idea of flowers hanging on the wall. It's fun. It's cool. It's different.

Well, that wraps things up for today. I'm going to go look for my nose now. I think it fell off in that last Kleenex.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


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