Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

I'm going to start by explaining myself. Will was sick yesterday, so I was at home with him wiping a green, snotty nose all day. As gross and disgusting as that may sound, I eat up every moment I have with that kid, so it actually wasn't so bad. Snotty nose or not, time with him is good time. I say all that to say this, the list today is a list of randoms. I just couldn't manage to pull together a more streamlined shopping list with all the work I had staring at me from my desk this morning. As crazy as it may sound, I actually have to do stuff here at my job (besides putting together delicious wish lists) to get paid.

So here it is. My scattered, but still, worthy wish list. Enjoy!

I'm not so sure about the name of these I Love Me Heart Mirrors since narcissism kind of turns me off, but I adore the look and design of these enough to overlook this one small detail.

I haven't had a home phone in ages. In our day and age, I think there are a lot of people like me who just use their cell phone as their home phone. But if I did have the need for a home phone, I would want one like this red and ivory vintage telly. I just think it's so sleek and I love the color. Who cares if it's rotary? That would just take me back to my childhood when my MawMaw had an old rotary phone.

When we do drink wine, we never keep it in the house long enough to actually store it in a wine rack. I've always loved wine racks though, and I love the modern feel of this white metal circular rack. Maybe I could just buy it and fill it with empty wine bottles? Or is that against the rules? I know how strict these wine purists can get, and I'd hate to break some kind of carnal wine sin.

Brace yourself for this next one. Not only is this Cloud Chair pretty much the most cozy looking chair I've ever seen, but the picture complete with Cutest Little Girl Ever will make you want to buy it just in the hopes that some sweet child will fall asleep in it and you can take their picture. At least that's what it does to me. But, I'm pregnant and hormonal, so I'm really not operating on the same level as most normal folks out there. Still, this chair is amazing!

And for the Etsy find of the week, I decided to include one of my old favorites from Element Clay Studio. This seller is one of the first I ever looked at on Etsy, which helps to explain why I became obsessed with the site so quickly. Every hand made item in this store makes me drool, but this blue urchin bowl has always been my favorite. One day, it will be mine.

Happy Wednesday!

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