Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

This work day has almost come to an end, which means I'm officially more than half way to the weekend. Glass half full, that's how I roll.

Today's wish list is bedding, because I really want new linens, but can't tear myself away from my old bedding. There is nothing that I love more than a plain, fluffy, white goose down comforter. Nothing. Except for my family and pajamas, of course, but that's beside the point. I LOVE goose down comforters with no cover whatsoever. There is something pure and soft and heavenly about them that just beckons me. And I've had one on my bed for a very long time now. At this point, my goose down is an old and dear friend that I can't say goodbye to. At the same time, I would love to have some fresh new bedding in our room, and when I see linens like the ones on my wish list today, I almost want to cover that white goose down up for a while and embrace the new. It might take some time though. And maybe even a bit of therapy.

Here are a few of my temptresses.

What is it about gray and yellow that looks so darn good together? It's one color combo that I just love, and I think you should love it too. Here is a Citron Duvet Set by Blissliving to convince you I'm right. Loving the large flower prints on this one too. Lovely!

Amy Butler recently started selling her new line of bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond. I love all the vibrant colors and the fact that her collection is made from 100% organic cotton, which convinces me it would be super soft and comfy. For me, that's what bedding is suppose to be all about. I had a hard time choosing a favorite from her new line, but when I saw this design and beautiful teal color on her Coventry Comforter set, I was hooked.

I love the soft look of this Amelie Blush Duvet and way the colors fade from one delicate shade to the next. The large tree graphics and beautiful coordinating pillows are just an added bonus in this set. For me, the colors are the star here.

DwellStudio really knows what they are doing when it comes to bedding and this Hedgerow Saffron Duvet set is no exception. I love the bold plant life design and how the crisp colors jump right out at you. It helps that whoever staged this room for the photograph knew exactly what they were doing, because the artwork and furniture suit this bedding perfectly. That's a bedroom I could spend my time in.

I couldn't resist but to add in a good ol' fashioned quilt for my Etsy find. Who doesn't love a nice, warm quilt? Quilts aren't particularly my style for the bedroom, but I love to have them out in my living room to use as throws for when I'm piled up on the couch watching TV. Ahhhh! There are so many handmade quilts on Etsy, that quilts has it's own category with about a billion selections. I looked through about a million of them, and WOW, there are some talented people out there. I finally picked Quiltville's shop, because I loved every single quilt in the store. When it came time to pick one quilt to display here, I pretty much closed my eyes and clicked on this Figgy Pudding Patch Quilt. Love the name. Love the colors.

Happy day before the day before Friday,


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  2. I'm loving the gray and yellow stuff these days too. So pretty.