Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bring on Spring

I am in love with Spring. After months of cold and scarves and coats, I long for sunshine and flowers. I found these images online and they absolutely took my breath away. I didn't know fields such as this even existed. I really need to venture outside of the US one of these days. Tulips are my favorite flower and if I could see this with my own two eyes, I think I might die of sensory overload.

Tulip Fields in Holland. Incredible.

The idea of this much beauty in one place is mind-blowing to me. I can hardly comprehend the sheer size of these fields, so I sought out a close up picture of these fields and found this stunning image.

If this doesn't make you wish for Spring, you're officially dead inside.
Happy Early Easter.

*Images found on Oh Happy Day*


  1. ok, that is just cool! I didn't even think of tulips being grown in such large quantities like that, very cool post!

  2. wow, that is incredible (i love tulips)! i've never seen anything like it.