Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Picks

Mother's Day is a little over 3 weeks away and since I like to prepare ahead of time and not wait until the last minute to do my shopping, I thought I'd post some of my favorite picks for Mother's Day gifts. (Note: I am this way not because I am "on the ball" or responsible in any way, but because I'm a total freak when it becomes to planning. I am that woman who obsesses over the slightest little details of her two year old's birthday party to the point where her husband threatens to have her committed.)

Now that I've revealed my one and only flaw (ha!), let's get this show on the road.

Eggling Crack and Grow Flowers
from UnCommon Goods - I love these little "do it yourself" plants. Too cute and very inexpensive. This looks like a plant even I could grow. That's saying a lot.

Mum Gift from Lush - If you have never tried Lush's products before, you must do so immediately. They are handmade, wonderful little bath products in beautiful packaging. Your mom will love you for this one. P.S. If you do order Lush for your mom, you must treat yourself to some as well. It's a rule.

Letterpress Recipe Cards and Recipe Box from 1canoe2's Etsy store - For the mom who loves to cook, I think this is such an adorable little recipe box and cards. I love that the cards and the box are made by hand. This is a cool and unique gift.

Home is Where My Mom Is plaque from MudHutt's Etsy shop - This cute little plaque will put a smile on your mom's face. I think it's simply lovely.

Custom Handprints Necklace from MyLittleChipmunk's Etsy shop - If you have turned your mother into a grandmother, I'm convinced she will love this necklace. You send your child's handprints to the seller and she turns it in to this beautiful keepsake.

Photo Books from Shutterfly - If you want to put your own creativity into something more personal for your Mom, try creating a photo book online. You can include family photos, add captions and make a beautiful book that your mom will cherish. I have personally made these books for a few family members and they absolutely love them.

Headache Hot and Cold Therapy Packs from TheFerrisWheels Etsy Shop - I'll give you my life's savings (which isn't much) if you can find me one mom who doesn't get headaches from time to time. This gift would be especially helpful for mothers of small children. :)

Real Simple Magazine Subscription - My sister-in-law gave me this gift for Christmas and I look forward to receiving the magazine in the mail each month. It's filled with great recipes, organization tips and decorating ideas. A great gift for any woman.

Brownie Sampler from ASugarAffair's Etsy Store - I haven't personally tried these brownies, but I would like to. Really soon. They look absolutely decadent and this seller has rave reviews from buyers saying how delicious her creations are. I tend to trust the masses when it comes to brownies.

Conversations with My Mother book from Amazon - A great way to find out more about your mother's life. Give it to her to fill out or sit down together to discuss the questions. This would be a wonderful heirloom to have in your family and will turn out to be a gift for you as well.

That rounds out my picks for top 10 gifts. If you don't like any of these ideas, go to your nearest spa and purchase a massage package for your mom. The Daughter (or son) of the Year Award will be all yours.



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